Retail Software Developement

Retail Software Developement Company in Delhi

Custom retail software development creates IT solutions to improve omnichannel customer experience and automate retail business processes. At Sbbj IT Solutions, we designed a private label product management system for Walmart and Carrefour, and provided software to big FMCG brands like Nestle and Heinz. SBBJ IT Solutions is ready to develop unique retail solutions which are initially tailored to your individual needs. We deal with all types of retail software, including:
✓ ERP systems (including integration with the 3rd party software).
✓ POS applications (item list, sales processing and integration with POS devices)
✓ Back office software (item editor, inventory management, software integration)
✓ Data is the foundation of all retail processes and the warrantor of their productivity.
SBBJ IT Solutions offers smart multi-level data analysis that assists retailers in:
Optimizing categories/SKU sales planning
Unlocking additional sales growth opportunities
Planning sales and marketing activities
Vendor management
Maximizing operational efficiency

Sbbj IT Solutions offers the development of custom image analysis solutions to increase the level of customer service in retail:
Facial recognition: from recognition of regular customers to provide them with personalized deals to identification of potential criminals.
Emotion recognition: assessment of the customer satisfaction level with a smart camera. Sbbj IT Solutions brings the cutting-edge technologies of VR to create a unique and convenient shopping experience, such as interactive virtual stores that the customers can browse from any location using popular VR platforms.

Contact us now if you are in search of ERP Software Company as SBBJ IT Solutions can bring you the best price.